Throughout the Gospels so much is written about healings and miracles. Jesus loved to heal the sick and set the captives free and they became a huge part of Jesus’s Ministry here on Earth. Everywhere He went ALL the people he prayed for got healed.

Interestingly, Jesus never prayed for anyone, He knew he had the authority so He simply said, ‘get up and walk, receive your sight and be healed.’

He then gave that authority to the twelve and then the seventy-two as they went out. When they returned, they had great joy as even the demons submitted to them.  (Luke 10:17-8)

He then made an astounding statement in John 14:12. He said, ’those who believe in me will do what I have been doing, in fact will do greater things than me, as I am going to be with the Father.

In essence Jesus was saying that he was passing the baton and the authority to heal the sick to us. Why? Because He was no longer going to be on Earth to do this. So, we need to change our thinking from asking God to heal a person to walking in the authority that he has given us to heal the sick.

Even in His last words in Mark 16, Jesus reminded said, ‘those who believe in me… will lay their hands on the sick and they will get well.’

Has anything changed since then? In Heb.13:8, it says, ‘Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever.’ If Jesus has not changed, and the word has not changed, the result is there should be no difference between those being healed of their sickness in the first century to those in our current century.

When we read and meditate on these and other healing verses, it changes our thinking and transforms our minds, where we start to understand the authority and responsibility we have been given.

Healing Rooms are a great place to grow in your authority to heal the sick and where healings are the normal. We keep a book of testimonies where people write an entry when they have been healed. This is the evidence that the above is true and that Jesus is still healing today!

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