A young man came into our Healing Rooms with a crooked spine, feet turned out almost fully sideways and in terrible pain. He had been that way for several years after an industrial accident and was in the hospital a couple of times a week for narcotics to reduce the pain.

He arrived at our Healing Rooms but before he came into the room for prayer, our team felt that God was going to heal him. He came in and we prayed for him for several minutes but nothing seemed to have happened, but we asked him to move something he could not move before. He moved his shoulders a couple of inches and said he couldn’t do that before. We thought that was nothing.

We prayed for another minute and then he said, “All the pain had gone.” We all praised the Lord as we left the room. However, his back was still crooked and his feet facing sideways.

We talked to him for a few minutes and then within a minute his back suddenly became straight and his feet facing forward!   He was so shocked that he couldn’t say a word. (this happens most of the time when people are healed… they just can’t believe it)

He came back the following week and confessed that a friend had told him several times to come to the Healing Rooms. Instead, he had gone to the hospital for narcotics. He also shared that he wasn’t a believer as he thought that God had left us.

He then asked if he could receive Jesus as his Healer and Savior. We prayed with him and he left a totally transformed person.

How about you? Are you doing well or do you need healing in any part of your life? The Lord loves you and is wanting to see you physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy. If you need healing in any area, please come into our Healing Rooms for prayer. God is both able to and willing to heal today. Why not give Him a chance.

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