When it comes to seeing people healed, faith for the healing is very important. Jesus was always impressed by people who had faith for healing. He even said, ‘Your faith has healed you.’    Matt. 9:22, Mark 10:52 and Luke 18:42 to name a few.

Jesus also said in Matthew 17:20 For truly, I say to you,” If you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.” The good news here is that you don’t need much faith to start seeing people healed when you pray for them.

Faith for healing can come from different sources. It could be the person praying that had the faith. Recently, I prayed for a lady with shoulder pain. Even before I started to pray, I knew God was going to heal her and of course He did.

Faith for healing could come from the person wishing prayer, such as the man who came to our Healing Rooms with years pain in his hip. He was so believing that he would be healed, that the Lord healed him before our team even started to pray!

Faith could come from a friend who brought the person in for prayer. This happened just before Covid, when a young man brought in his friend who was in ten out of ten pain and could hardly move. Some time ago he had been in a severe car accident and had pins in his back and legs. Twenty minutes later he left with no pain and praising God for his healing.

I would be in remiss if I didn’t say that sometimes God will just step in and heal a person, but for the most part Jesus has given us the authority to heal the sick and expects us to do so.

One of the biggest obstacles to praying for and seeing people healed, is that we believe that there are obstacles. There are no obstacles. The truth is that Jesus is not only able to heal, but are willing to heal all the time.

Receiving more faith is the result of surrendering to the Father, asking Him to change you. Faith does not come by striving or doing good works for it. It comes from abiding in Jesus, knowing the loving and compassionate Jesus, knowing his words and how he thought until it becomes engrained in your heart. Then step out in faith and pray for someone, expecting them to be healed.

Our Healing Rooms do Training Days a couple of times a year, where we teach on all this and more. If you have a desire to pray for the sick, maybe God has put it on your heart. If you sense this, I would encourage you to take this training. If you send your email address to urhealed.nanaimo@gmail.com we will send you the details and notify you when the next training day will be.

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