A couple of years ago, a man came to our Healing Rooms in terrible pain. He had been in a severe car accident a few years earlier and had pins in his back and legs. He should have been in a wheelchair but only had a walker. It took him several minutes to walk from the waiting room into the prayer room because of this agonizing pain.

We prayed for him for about 10 minutes without much change. We then felt that there was a demonic attachment to his pain and suffering. So, we cast out the demons and he said that the pain was no longer in his back but was now totally in his legs. We then said to move your legs where it would hurt before. He did and said that the shooting pain through his body was gone, but there was still pain. We then cast out the demons in his legs and the pain went into his feet and then left. He then said he felt better, so we stood him up and carefully supported him and started him taking small steps. He started moving easier and easier and after a few minutes he started praising God for his healing, as did our team.

Trauma can be an entry point for the devil to come into a person. It can be childhood trauma, a loss or a severe accident as in this case. The good news is that Jesus came to set the captives free and then has given believers in Him, authority to cast out demons (Mark 16:17).

When we pray, it is not a complicated or scary situation, we simply know the authority that we have been given and tell the demons to get out in Jesus’ name, and because the demons know the authority we have, and they leave the person. The result is no more pain, no more haunting voices and no more sleepless nights. They are set free!

If you struggle with pain, pain that moves around, sleepless nights or hear voices that tell you that you will never get better, you need to come to our Healing Rooms either by making a zoom prayer appointment or coming to a location noted on this website.

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