I thought I would do my last article of the year on one that will give hope to you. And that is… God heals and does miracles today and he does these on an ongoing basis.

In our Healing Rooms we keep a book of testimonies of healing. When a person comes in and is prayed for, we ask if they would write their testimony in our book. I wish we had done this from the beginning in 2008 as we would be well into volume two by now. So, I want to share some of these testimonies.

The first entry in our book came from a man who brought his wife in for prayer. While he was waiting, our receptionist asked if he wanted prayer and he said he would as he had carpel tunnel syndrome. While in the prayer room he said, ’I felt warmth in my wrist and praise the Lord as I have been healed.’

‘I was prayed for my foot to be healed, and it was.’

‘ Came today to have prayer to eliminate stress and anxiety. I came into the building and the Lord cleansed me. An incredible sense of peace invaded my entire body. I required no prayer after that.’

‘I had trouble with my heart for fifteen years or so, goes into fibrillation. Healing Rooms prayed for me. Went and got my heart checked from top to bottom, inside and out, they found nothing wrong with my heart.’

A lady had a frozen shoulder for two years and had physio, chiro and message and was using anti-inflammatories to help. She came to the Healing Rooms for prayer and said this, ‘During the prayer the underside of my arm heated up and my frozen shoulder was released and my rotator cuff healed.’

‘I came to the Healing Rooms with a severe asthma/reactive airway disease. I could not be around people wearing any fragrance. I came to the Healing Rooms, was prayed for, about a heaviness in my chest. I was asked about forgiving myself. Immediately, a cloud of what seemed like black smoke came out of my mouth! I have been 100% healed ever since!’

This is the Season of hope, so if you are struggling with any physical, mental or emotional issues, I would encourage you to come to our Healing Rooms and experience God’s healing for yourself.  When you do, you can read the full testimonies of those noted above and many others in our testimony book.

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